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In an age when most American composers seem happy to play safe, Stephen Montague’s extrovert, quirkily individual, energetic music recalls older, more adventurous times. …Montague experiments, takes risks, but he still has the common touch.
— Stephen Johnson, The Independent, UK
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Stephen Montague was born Syracuse, New York, 1943 and studied at Florida State and Ohio State Universities followed by two years in Warsaw, Poland as a Fulbright Scholar (1972-74). Since 1974 he has been based in London where he works as a freelance composer, pianist, and conductor but tours world-wide.

Major commissions include London Symphony Orchestra, BBC Proms, London’s Southbank and Barbican Centres, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Warsaw Autumn Festival, Paris, Singapore, and Hong Kong festivals. Conducting work has included the London Sinfonietta, City of London Sinfonia, Danish Chamber Orchestra, Bournemouth Symphony and many others.

Stephen Montague is a master at bringing off large scale events. His Horn Concerto for an orchestra of automobiles and klaxon horn soloist was brilliant - a minor masterpiece!
— Sir John Drummond, Controller, BBC Radio 3
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"I share Henry Cowell’s desire "to live in the whole world of music, not just one corner." My works cover a broad spectrum of conventional solo, chamber, and large orchestral/choral works to multi-channel sound installations, contemporary dance, ballet, concertos for piano, viola, automobiles and motorcycles, and spectacles on a grand scale with sometimes hundreds of performers. I write music to engage an audience. Perhaps by stealth - seducing them with something they know then taking them somewhere else."

Stephen Montague, interview, BBC Radio 4